running one-offs in nestjs

Running One-Offs in NestJS

Sometimes in business we have the need to run specific operations in our backends or databases, once.

apples shortcuts and no to social media

Apple's Shortcuts And No To Social Media

This week a friend of mine with whom I have a WhatsApp group, proposed the group to install the app Be Real so that we could share moments of our day instead of just chatting on WhatsApp.

callbacks in react

Callbacks In React

Passing functions as props is an amazing pattern that I really like! It gives me a sense of control over my components and turns them way more reusable.

datetime local e2e

Datetime Local E2E

Some time ago I started a pet project to improve my JavaScript in the backend (or node.js to be more precise). In this project I wanted users to input a date and a time to create a schedule.

null vs undefined

Null Vs Undefined

I've been coding mainly JavaScript for almost 12 months, and last year some colleague of mine asked “should I use null or undefined?”, when some other pointed something like “you can use both, it doesn't matter”. Since that day I wanted to write this post, because… well… it matters! YES!, null and undefined are not the same in JavaScript!